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JJ Buckley Takes On 2010 En Primeurs


With the entire JJ Buckley team finally assembled in Bordeaux, we’ve begun our first forays into discerning the potential of the 2010 harvest. We came to Bordeaux to make our own assessments, but without blindfolds and earplugs… it’s hard to look at the new vintage without being affected by early coverage from the front.

Did Reignac Reign Superior?


With the 2010 harvest just completed in Bordeaux, chateau and estate owners are back on the road introducing themselves to new clients/ markets and revisiting those who have supported their wines in the past.

Terroir and the Art of Assemblage: Vieux Chateau Certan


2011 is decidedly not 2010 or 2009, yet from our week of intensive tastings in Bordeaux, it is clear that Pomerol is at the least, one of the standouts of the appellation and the vintage. Might cabernet franc play a role?

All For One, and Pomerol For All


While in Bordeaux, a few of my colleagues and I were fortunate enough to visit one of my favorite Pomerol estates, Chateau Clinet. Quintessential Pomerol, the grapes show a high proportion of merlot (85% in 2010 from super low yielding old vines) and are hand harvested and hand sorted.

Popping the Cork on 2011


Following our regularly scheduled inventory at the start of the year, JJ Buckley has officially put 2010 to bed and jumped into 2011 feet first. 2010 proved itself to be a great year for wine, with exceptional pricing and more selection than ever before, making it a winning situation for consumers. Already, the new year looks as if it will continue onwards in the same vein.

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