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  • A couple of years ago, social media was all a-twitter about a picture of a dress. People couldn't agree on the color. How can people look at something so apparently obvious and reach such different conclusions? There is a parallel with tasting wine....

  • The way a wine looks can tell you quite a bit about it, including how old it may be, whether it’s from a cool or warm climate and if it may have been aged in oak. That’s all useful in blind tasting, but not relevant to scores. The factors critics do consider are clarity, brightness, color, color depth and uniformity....

  • Maison Louis Latour is more than just a negociant. Within its family of companies is Domaine Louis Latour, the largest owner of Grand Cru acreage in Burgundy. Nearly 70 of Domaine Louis Latour’s 118.6 total acres of Burgundian vines there are Grand Cru. Another 34 acres are Premier Cru....

Excellent selection and overall great resource. Best website experience compared to other retailers. I tend to go here before all others because I trust their judgement and the quality of product they offer.

-Kevin D., March 2017

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