About us


In 2007, JJ Buckley became the nation’s first carbon neutral wine retailer, offsetting its carbon footprint through Carbonfund.org, the country’s leading carbon reduction and offset organization. All carbon emissions caused by our business operations - including shipping and receiving, travel, electricity and employee commuting, are offset. We are proud of our commitment, but also consider it our obligation.

In addition to being carbon neutral, JJ Buckley uses environmentally friendly packaging Styrofoam. Fagerdala World Foams, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has developed Styrofoam called EnviroFoam made from 100% recycled Polystyrene that reduces the carbon footprint every step of the way. The new foam is extremely lightweight, keeping fuel costs and emissions low and it is easily recyclable after use, creating a closed loop recycling scenario. It retains all of the advantages of standard Styrofoam, such as temperature control and breakage protection, while being dramatically better for the environment.