About us

Our history

JJ Buckley Fine Wines was founded as the fine wine retail arm of WineCommune LLC, the popular online wine auction company started in 1999. The foundersenvisioned creating an online marketplace bringing wine enthusiasts together to efficiently buy and sell fine wines through the use of evolving internet technology. Later that year, the online wine marketplace was turned into a viable and profitable business.

In 2004, recognizing the shift towards online wine sales, the offerings to wine enthusiasts where expanded through WineZap, an online wine search engine that allowing users to compare wine prices from hundreds of wine retailers.

Finally, in 2005, after building up a loyal membership and a brand for WineCommune (wine auctions) and WineZap (wine search engine), launched JJ Buckley Fine Wines. JJ Buckley, a new online wine retailer, thrived in the fragmented and chaotic online wine marketplace by providing quality service and competitive pricing to customers who sought premium and luxury wines—but wanted to avoid the auction format. JJ Buckley completes the founders’ original vision to provide wine enthusiasts with multiple channels to buy or sell fine wine within a single online marketplace.

Today, JJ Buckley has established itself as one of the premier fine wine retailers in the United States and has been named one of the top ten places to buy wine in Food and Wine Magazine. JJ Buckley sells to a domestic and international client base.

JJ Buckley employs over 60 wine professionals at our 40,000 square foot retail and warehouse space located in Oakland, California, east of San Francisco and one hour south of the Napa Valley. In 2008, the San Francisco Business Times named JJ Buckley ‘The Fastest Growing Prvate Company in the San Francisco Bay Area.’ For the second year in a row, Inc. Magazine named it the ‘Fourth Fastest Growing Private Food & Beverage Company in the U.S. in 2008.’