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2009 Bordeaux – Tasting Notes

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2009 Bordeaux – Tasting Notes

Thuning Up The Palate - Bordeaux Day 2


Here we are in Bordeaux once again! As I sit here with some (extremely rare) spare time, trying to recall what little French I can, it feels good to be back for my third go-round of en primeurs tastings. Especially so considering that there has already been a lot of talk about the 2009 vintage as compared to my previous two trips for the '07 and '08 vintages. These should prove to be an excellent reference point going into this highly touted (and frankly heavily hyped) vintage.

The 2009 Bordeaux Vintage


There is general agreement that the weather conditions leading up to the the harvest for 2009 were perfect. Winemakers and government technocrats charged with weather statistics have continuously referenced the best of the past century's greatest vintages.

Bordeaux at last...but Spain first?!


There are 6 of us from J.J. Buckley who made the trip to Bordeaux for this years’ 2009 ‘en primeur’ tasting of the 2008 vintage. We hit the ground running - as soon as we landed and picked-up our rental car, stopped by one of our suppliers to preview the vintage.

Wines of a Lifetime, Not Vintage of a Lifetime | '09 Bordeaux Futures Offer #1


We visit Bordeaux every year in March to taste the new vintages, but this year was different. After years of flying under the radar, JJ Buckley was the talk of Bordeaux. Nobody could understand why we had just flown in ten of our people to taste and evaluate the 2009 vintage out of barrel— a larger group than any other US wine merchant and more than most contingencies from anywhere in the world.

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