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2011 Napa Vintage Preview with a Glance Back at California Futures


The annual Bordeaux futures campaign attracts unparalleled attention, and there are many who feel the hoopla that surrounds it is undeserved. But it cannot be denied that en primeur focuses the attention of critics and merchants across the globe on the qualities of the vintage at hand. Interestingly, the lack of a futures program for California wines means they collectively escape the spotlight that Bordeaux wines enjoy (or rather endure, in the case of the 2011s).

Under the Bordelais Sun? A Weather Analysis for the 2011 Vintage


If it's March, it must be time for Bordeaux en primeur!! And indeed it is with half of the JJ Buckley sales staff already on the ground and the rest due to arrive tomorrow.

Terroir and the Art of Assemblage: Vieux Chateau Certan


2011 is decidedly not 2010 or 2009, yet from our week of intensive tastings in Bordeaux, it is clear that Pomerol is at the least, one of the standouts of the appellation and the vintage. Might cabernet franc play a role?

Shall I Compare Thee to Another Vintage? Drawing Parallels at Haut Bailly


After five days of touring Bordeaux, it's clear that the burning question aimed at leading producers has been: “To what vintage would you compare your 2011s?”

"Islands of Happiness" at L'Eglise Clinet


As we packed our three cars and made our annual migration from the Left Bank over to the Right for our last days in Bordeaux, we put together the mosaic of the 2011 Bordeaux vintage. Although weather patterns can tell part of the story, there is no substitution for one-on-one conversations with vignerons, and, of course, tasting the actual wines.

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