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A First Look at 2011 Vintage Ports: Part 1


2011 was the first broadly declared year for vintage ports since 2007. This is the first of a two-part blogpost on the new vintage and new developments in the world of vintage port.

A First Look at 2011 Vintage Ports: Part 2


Just about all of the port houses have made their declarations to release a vintage port from the 2011 harvest. This blogpost looks into the style of the new vintage along with observations from the top winemakers of the region. Tasting notes on the recently presented barrel samples are included.

Looking for a Port in the Storm


Vintage port is one of the more unique segments of the wine industry, yet many people regularly overlook it at the dinner table and even those of us who attend countless trade tastings don’t get to try it that often. Yet when port houses declare a vintage, it provides the opportunity to sample a range of excellent wines, across vintages, as well as the chance to talk shop with some of the most interesting personalities in the wine world.

Vindicating Vintage Port


Whatever the excuse, be it warm weather or too much wine during dinner, many of us ignore port. Since it can be hard to amass a serious understanding of a wine unless you drink it, I welcomed the opportunity to acquaint myself with some recently declared 2009s and the rare chance to look at how the previous three vintages are shaping up.