JJ Buckley and Wines from Bordeaux Mix It Up at Luckyrice

by Chuck Hayward

Ever since the founding of JJ Buckley Fine Wines, our customers have embraced our enthusiasm for the wines of Bordeaux. Whether it's red, white or pink, if its a rarefied grand cru classe or a classic Bordeaux Superior, Bordeaux's wines have captured the attention of our wine specialists and their clients. JJ Buckley's annual visits to taste the latest vintage at the annual en primeur tastings are essential for learning more about the region and its wines. The relationships we've developed over the year ensure that our customers get access to the most sought after wines as well.

Connecting the consumer to Bordeaux wines has always been an important mission for JJ Buckley. Whether it's a private seminar with the managing director of Cos d'Estournel, a dinner featuring older vintages of Pape Clement or our famous annual tasting of Bordeaux under $40 at La Folie Lounge (stay tuned for this year's event!), interacting with our clients and sharing our expertise is a core mission of the company.

So when our friends at the Bordeaux Wine Council asked us to participate at an upcoming Bordeaux discovery event, two of our most accomplished fine wine specialists made their way to Los Angeles to assist. The Luckyrice Feast is hosted by Sang Yoon, who owns Lukshon and has been on Top Chef Masters, and is a benefit for CAAM (Center for Asian American Media). One of the key features of the evening is the pairing of wines and beverages with Asian-styled dishes from the city's hottest chefs.

So menus in hand, JJ Buckley's wine staff picked out an assortment of white Bordeaux that would not only pair well with the delicious food but show the diversity of wine styles that come from the region. Cory Gowan and Devon Magee were on hand to answer questions and provide that added bit of knowledge and passion about the wines being poured.

With food being one of the focal points of the evening, the wines played a key role in complementing the wide variety of dishes. According to Cory, "Attendees were really wowed by how well white Bordeaux matched the Asian cuisine. From spicy noodles to chicken legs, sushi with caviar to sake ice cream, the selection of wines complimented the flavors, created delicious pairings, and cleaned the palate for the next bite."

Some combinations were truly inspired. Devon was asked to match a wine with one of the spicier dishes of the evening, Chili Crab Gumbo from Starry Kitchen. "They needed something to put the fire out, and I gave them a taste of sauternes, the 2010 Les Lions de Suduiraut which was showing beautifully. They loved it, and it worked. A great, classic pairing."

Both Cory and Devon deemed the evening a great success with over 800 people attending. "It was really education for them to learn what grapes go into making a Bordeaux blanc," said Cory. "I don't think a single person knew that a large portion of the blend is sauvignon blanc, a grape American consumers know and love. It was a great opportunity to educate the audience." Catching up with Tyra Banks and Lucy Liu added to the evening's allure.

There will be two more Luckyrice events this year: in San Francisco on September 6, where famed Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto will be in attendance, Las Vegas on October 5 and Miami on November 14. Look for more JJ Buckley wine specialists at the Bordeaux table and see how well white wines from Bordeaux make for a great evening!

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