Popping the Cork on 2011

by Chuck Hayward

Popping the Cork on 2011

Post by Chuck Hayward | January 12, 2011

Following our regularly scheduled inventory at the start of the year, JJ Buckley has officially put 2010 to bed and jumped into 2011 feet first. 2010 proved itself to be a great year for wine, with exceptional pricing and more selection than ever before, making it a winning situation for consumers. Already, the new year looks as if it will continue onwards in the same vein.

Last year's most important event was the staff journey to the 2009 en primeur tastings in Bordeaux and the subsequent clamor for futures. Demand for the vintage was evident in our strong sales at all price points, making us one of the largest buyers of 2009 Bordeaux. (Thank you to all who helped make our campaign a success!)

The year also demonstrated some interesting trends. Continuous sales of 2004 Brunello showed that the "Brunellogate" affair did not affect consumer demand. Interest in the 2007 cabernets from Napa was also apparent, as much of our supply sold briskly. Other noticeable trends we observed was an upsurge in the sales of German wine and a continued interest in Australian wine, especially with JJ Buckley's great prices! 

At present 2011 promises to be quite busy. The JJ Buckley staff will continue to expand its intensive understanding of Bordeaux in a few weeks, as the staff attends the Union de Grand Crus tastings in January, with a close look at the newly arriving 2008 vintage. Then, in April, we all return to the annual en primeur tastings in Bordeaux to get our first look at the 2010 wines. The vintage is looking especially auspicious with early observations indicating low yields and flavor profiles that will rival the 2009s. It should be an exciting trip, and we are committed to sharing our finds.

We are also looking forward to the 20th anniversary of the ZAP tasting right before the Super Bowl. Say what you may about the prospect of sampling countless high-alcohol reds spanning two huge pavilions, this tasting is a valuable predictor of the quality of the 2009 vintage in northern California and, in the past, has provided a good window on how the cabernets might look.

Our quest will take us many places, as we attend tastings and visit other countries. Given that we travel quite a bit, look for a new blog category, "JJ Buckley Eats" where you can find our favorite restaurants and bars across the globe. We hope it will come in handy on your own travels. And following JJ Buckley's reports last year on Champagne and 2009 Bordeaux, we will continue to produce comprehensive publications focusing on different regions of the wine world, including a detailed look at Napa Valley, as well as examinations of Brunello di Montalcino and Australia.

As always, thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing a great 2011 with you all!