1965 Krohn Vintage Port (150th Anniversary Release)

1965 Krohn Vintage Port (150th Anniversary Release)

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

1965 Krohn Vintage Port  (150th Anniversary Release)

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Here's a special release vintage port in spectacular condition and each bottle is individually numbered and available with its own single-pack original wooden case by request.

1965 marked Krohn's first century as a Port house and the wine was left to gracefully age in their cellars until its recent release to commemorate another milestone year, their 150th anniversary. When we opened a bottle of this mature nectar recently it was sublime!

Port notoriously takes many years (decades even!) to truly reach its peak, so it's a special treat to get well-maintained bottles that require no further patience - pull a cork on this one with no reservations and be captivated by the lovely combination of by savory and sweet elements.

Wines like this don't come around often and a fully mature Port offers a drinking experience, unlike any others. Take advantage of our find and get some for your cellar today! Cheers!


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