2000 Chateau de Malle 375ml (Sauternes)

2000 Chateau de Malle 375ml (Sauternes)

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2000 Chateau de Malle 375ml (Sauternes)

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Here’s an aged beauty for a steal! With over 15 years under its belt, no patience is required with the 2000 De Malle, a delicious, complex and mature wine, and the remarkable sub-$20 price tag makes it a super affordable option to pop open whenever the mood strikes.  

It may not have the brand recognition of a Suduiraut or Coutet, but De Malle is no slouch. It’s a part of the historic 1855 classification, ranked as a Deuxième Cru Classé and recently hailed as "one of the best of the second growths,” by Clive Coates. And De Malle maintains a very modest price point, meaning that you can find aged, ready-to-drink beauties like this 2000 at a seriously nice price.

With a colorful history involving ownership by the Lur-Saluces family, once dominant landholders in Sauternes and owners of Yquem, De Malle has undergone something of a renaissance of late. Per Chris Kissack, “the wines are good, and appear to have improved considerably over the last couple of decades...I will be keeping an eye out for the wines of Château de Malle...

Robert Parker has called De Malle’s wine “a poor person’s version of the great Climens.” This may sound like damning with faint praise, but it’s really not. Quite literally, this 2000 De Malle comes in at a fraction of the 2000 Climens, yet both estates can produce wines of stunning purity, and that’s what you’ve got here.

The best part? The 2000 De Malle is perfectly aged and ready to drink!  Grab a case or two, keep a few bottles chilled at all times, and you’ve got a go-to dessert wine poised to deliver immediate pleasure without breaking the bank. Cheers!