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2000 Chateau Ferriere 1500ml Magnums (ex-chateau 2021)


2000 Chateau Ferriere (Margaux)
1500ml magnums (ex-chateau 2021)

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Magnums from a top Bordeaux commune like Margaux, and in a top vintage like 2000 no less, are arguably the ideal collectible format to stash in the back of the cellar. With magnums, the aging potential typically extends further than the same wine in a 750ml bottle, there's more to go around which makes these a lot of fun for larger gatherings, and let's face it, they look pretty cool at the table!

So, when a fully mature library vintage of a classified growth Margaux is released ex-chateau, we simply don’t hesitate. Chateau Ferriere is the smallest classified chateau on the left bank, and while for years it was the often overlooked Margaux destined for bistro wine lists, this vintage right here was the start of a clear resurgence. Ferriere changed hands in the late 1990s, and quickly underwent a rapid transformation into a Margaux very much deserving of its 3rd growth status.

Aging slowly in magnum in the cold cellar of the chateau, the 2000 Ferriere has gracefully arrived at its peak with a supple and medium weight profile that simply screams old-school Margaux. Just in stock, you won’t find this in magnum anywhere else!

2000 was a year of “enormously rich, incredibly pure, concentrated wines” (Parker), and an ideal vintage for long term aging, particularly in magnum. Margaux’s distinctive floral and polished character has always stood up well to age, and despite the stratospheric prices of Chateaux Margaux and Palmer, this AOC still has some wonderful relative values that are built to last. No patience is required with this 2000 Ferriere, so here's the the perfect chance to score a ready to enjoy mature Margaux!

*Offer publication date February 9, 2022. Pricing and availability subject to change.