2004 Chateau Guiraud

2004 Chateau Guiraud

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2004 Chateau Guiraud

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Classified as a First Growth since 1855 and ranked just below the illustrious d'Yquem (coincidentally, a neighboring property), Guiraud has been on an amazing hot streak as of late: five appearances on Wine Spectator's Top 100 lists since 2000 (including two rankings in the Top 10).

2004 was a vintage that allowed chateaux with a typically richer house style to find more balance, but the signature opulent power and spice of Guiraud nevertheless shines through "with flavors of peach and tangerine syrup along with the core of botrytis and dark honey."

On average, Guiraud runs nearly double this price for full bottles, and it's not uncommon to see half bottles with this amount of age for the around the same as what you can get a full bottle of the 2004 for today.

While collectors might be attracted to the long-term value proposition this implies, true lovers of Sauternes should rejoice at the chance to casually enjoy this estate for a humbler price. Cheers!