2006 Pierre Paillard 'La Grande Recolte' Grand Cru Champagne

2006 Pierre Paillard 'La Grande Recolte' Grand Cru Champagne

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2006 Pierre Paillard 'La Grande Recolte' Grand Cru Champagne

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There are few things better in the world than grand cru Champagne, except of course vintage grower champagne from eighth generation producer Paillard! ‘La Grande Recolte’ is the ultimate expression of Paillard’s vineyards and outperforms top bottles from major Champagne houses, which usually go for twice the price! Paillard uses only first press juice (50/50 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) for ‘La Grande Recolte’ and then only in top vintages like 2006.

Paillard has two centuries of experience in the grand cru village of Bouzy, which is renowned for explosively flavored and deeply complex Champagne. Grower-producers have become a favorite of top sommeliers around the world, as the value of meticulous vineyard management has become more appreciated. After all, farmer’s know their land better than anyone.

The tendency of Champagne from the Bouzy grand cru is towards richness and power, which does best as an Extra-Brut. The low dosage allows the natural acidity to balance the richer profile and ensures a phenomenal future. Spending nine years on the lees in 19th century cellars, ‘La Grande Recolte’ is full of classic notes of brioche and white chocolate balanced with quince and citrus. The most joyous element of any vintage champagne that spends this much time on the lees is its remarkably luscious texture, and tight perlage.

This is a great opportunity to score a top cuvee from a renowned grower-producer like Paillard, but only 500 cases were made and our stock is limited, so contact us ASAP! Cheers!