2007 Bernardus Marinus Proprietary Red 375ml

2007 Bernardus Marinus Proprietary Red 375ml

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2007 Bernardus ‘Marinus’ (Proprietary Red) 375ml

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For fans of Bordeaux who occasionally want to take the plunge on a New World indulgence, the ‘Marinus’ from Bernardus in Monterey is just the thing. Our buyers worked out a terrific deal and were able to secure this stock of half-bottles direct from the winery’s own cellar! Our staff has been over the moon about the 2007s, a terrific vintage for Cabernet, since they were first released, and they've aged wonderfully. They are layered and complex, with soft fruit, beautiful length and structure and still showing a youthful vibrancy, and at ten years old this is in a sublime spot!

This 2007 ‘Marinus’ is the very same single-vineyard wine that will set you back over $75 for a full bottle direct from the winery of the current release. Like Bordeaux blends in Chalone and Santa Cruz Mountains, Central Coast wines age extraordinarily well, with elegance and freshness in spades. The half bottles are perfectly mature with savory and spiced fruit notes, a dense but juicy palate, and its rough Central Coast tannin has mellowed out as well. This is a convenient format to share at a quiet evening dinner for two (or maybe just a nightcap for yourself).

The 2007 Marinus today shows the sleek and sexy mid-palate fruit of the best Napa reds, and the elegant, balanced structure of a Left Bank Bordeaux. At $17.94, direct from the winery cellar, this is glass for glass an insane deal for the ‘Marinus’ and you won’t find these half bottles anywhere else!