2010 Chateau de Fargues 375ml

2010 Chateau de Fargues 375ml

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2010 Chateau de Fargues 375ml

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"Drink a Chateau de Fargues on its own, and such is the Lur-Saluces hallmark one would be forgiven for thinking it was Yquem." - Clive Coates, The Wines of Bordeaux 

Here's a terrific Sauternes buy from a classic vintage, and we have the "fresh and vibrant" 2010 de Fargues available in half bottle format with the best price around by $25 per bottle!

 Chateau de Fargues has a long, storied history, and a notable relationship with d'Yquem - for generations these properties were owned and produced by the same family - the Lur-Saluces. The similarities between de Fargues and d'Yquem have been striking in all ways - except todays price! D'Yquem commands a premium (you won't find half bottles of any vintage for less than $100) and as an upper tier Sauternes producer with a small production de Fargues does as well. But not today! With 750ml bottles of 2010 de Fargues over $150 on average, our sale price is a steal!

With autumn now upon us (and all the holiday entertaining that accompanies it), you'll find plenty of excuses to impress your guests with this double 95-point golden nectar. Beautiful on its own, this will also pair wonderfully with foods as varied as pate, strong cheese, white fish, creme brulee and more. Like Champagne, we recommend always having some good Sauternes on hand, and you can't go wrong with the 2010 de Fargues. Cheers!