2010 Ergo Sum Shiraz (Chapoutier & Giaconda)

2010 Ergo Sum Shiraz (Chapoutier & Giaconda)

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2010 Ergo Sum Shiraz (Chapoutier & Giaconda)

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The Rhone reigns supreme as the top region for Syrah/Shiraz, though Australia is an obvious competitor for the crown given how the varietal has made the island continent famous. So what do you get when a legend of the Rhone partners with an Australian maverick? You get Ergo Sum, a joint project between Chapoutier of the Rhone and Giaconda, “one of Victoria’s most brilliant wineries,” according to the Wine Advocate.

With only 300 cases made, this is hard to come by and JJB is the only retailer in the US with this wine. And out of the few other places you can find this in the world, we've got the best price hands down!

Chapoutier is a veritable legend, well known for his mastery of the very best Rhone valley AOCs (Cote-Rotie, Châteauneuf de Pape, St Joseph), with ventures worldwide and 30+ WA100-point wines to his credit. And Giaconda is no slouch either! They have been declared, along with winemaker Rick Kinzbrunner, as the very best of Victoria by James Suckling, and one of Australia’s iconic wineries. Robert Parker was not too shy with praise either, admiring their “hand-crafted, singular wines that are not only gorgeous to smell and taste, but innovative in both their blends and stylistic orientations.”

The Ergo Sum collaboration was a vinous supergroup and 2010 was a masterful vintage for South Australia. Do not lump this in with the full throttle, take-no-prisoners style that many associate with Australian Shiraz - this is a complex, high quality wine created by a pair of expert craftsmen. As the partnership has run its course, this is a one-off deal and you cannot afford to miss this iconic relic at our outstanding sale price. Cheers!