2013 Domaine Anne Gros Minervois 'La Ciaude'

2013 Domaine Anne Gros Minervois 'La Ciaude'

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2013 Domaine Anne Gros Minervois 'La Ciaude'

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"These latest 2013s from proprietress Anne Gros are some of the strongest wines in the vintage, as well as the greatest wines I've tasted from the estate."- Wine Advocate

We’ve made no secret of our love for Anne Gros (of Domaine Gros Frere) and partner Jean Paul Tollot, Burgundy producers of independent renown. After selling out in a flash of their single-vineyard 'Les Fontanilles' earlier in the year, we knew we had to get more from this project, and today we've got their old-vine (100+ year old) 'La Ciaude' bottling for easily the best price around - the lowest of any vintage on the market!

Anne Gros has made “some of the strongest wines in the vintage” according to the Wine Advocate. While other growers are bribed to pull out their vines to stem the glut of cheap bulk juice, Gros has taken up the cause of preserving unique vineyards like this with a fanatical energy, and 2013 rewarded her efforts with a far more balanced, and blessed season than many other parts of France. The 2013 ‘La Ciaude’ reflects her spirit with a vibrant bouquet of black and blue fruit, forest floor, and smoke, followed by a lush but vibrant finish. 

While the market may naively look down on Minervois, Gros & Tollot have used that to their advantage and are turning out some of the best wines in the Languedoc at downright outrageous price points. 

Over 35% off our regular price, this is a positively absurd value
for a producer who made her name making world-class Vosne-Romanee. The demand for Gros & Tollot’s young Minervois based Domaine is eye popping in France and the US, so we recommend grabbing with both hands! Cheers!