2013 Von Winning Riesling Grosses Gewachs Deidesheimer Kalkofen

2013 Von Winning Riesling Grosses Gewachs Deidesheimer Kalkofen

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2013 Von Winning Riesling Grosses Gewachs Deidesheimer Kalkofen

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"I am increasingly impressed by how distinctly delicious and site-specific the Von Winning Rieslings remain..." - Vinous

 Ever since Achim Niederberger arrived at Dr Deinhard/Von Winning in 2007 with wine director Stefan Attmann, the estate has “established itself among the elite of the Pfalz” (Vinous). The Pfalz was a very good place to be in 2013; while the rest of Germany suffered from inclement weather, the Pfalz was a beacon of hope. This bone-dry Grosses Gewach from Deidesheimer Kalkofen is “one of the finest Rieslings of the 2013 vintage in Germany” (Wine Advocate) and one only must look at this epic vineyard to understand why. Kalkofen and the old vines planted here sits high above Deidesheimer on a base of coral limestone. Classified as a Grosses Gewächs, this is one of Germany’s elite vineyards and the reason Von Winning’s 2013 Trocken is so irresistibly electric. Even more irresistible is the price, which is nearly $25 less than the anywhere else in the US!

Achim Niederberger, of von Buhl and Basserman-Jordan, tapped uber wine-geek and merchant Stefan Attmann to run the estate, a decision as inspired as it was controversial. Attmann has earned a reputation as one of the most progressive winemakers in Germany, even experimenting with 500L oak barrels (practically unheard of here). The results speak for themselves and the team at Von Winning is “putting some head-turning quality into bottle” (Wine Advocate).

Besides the price, the best part of this GG Deidesheimer Kalkofen is that possesses the same level of longevity and complexity as any traditionally made Riesling, but we only have a handful of cases available. Cheers!