2014 Château Siran (Margaux)

2014 Château Siran (Margaux)

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2014 Château Siran (Margaux)

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Margaux wines are renowned throughout the world for their fragrance and delicacy. Top classified growths like Châteaux Margaux and Palmer command three-figure price tags, but you don’t need to spend a small fortune to get your hands on well-made Margaux.

Château Siran 2014 comes from an overachieving unclassified property in the south of the appellation. It’s an excellent expression of the Margaux terroir, and it costs a fraction of what you’ll pay for the region’s biggest names.

But, don’t let its low profile fool you: Siran has some serious chops. Per Chris Kissack, it’s “no ordinary also-ran cru bourgeois estate” and “the estate and its wines are certainly worth knowing.” Shrewd Bordeaux collectors have long looked to Siran as a top value buy on the left bank, and the estate is on a hot streak these days. Per Neal Martin, “Edouard Miailhe has radically improved Siran in recent years” making the property “certainly one to watch.”

Bordeaux wine is a family affair, and the Miailhe family are among the most prominent. Over the years they have been involved with such prestigious properties as Palmer and Pichon Lalande. Per Kissack, it’s “of Siran they should be particularly proud” because the “family has maintained possession of Siran for more than 150 years” and “few other estates or families can rival such an accomplishment.”

Siran has overachieved here for sure. The Bordeaux 2014s are, per Neal Martin, “wines destined to sing in the wine glass, wines less concerned with impressing critics like me, more intent in pleasing consumers like you (and me).”

In Siran 2014, you’ve got a quality Margaux at a value price. What’s more, you can enjoy it now like most 2014s, or you can cellar it with confidence and come back in a decade. This is a stunning option at this price point, so be sure to grab it by the case. Cheers!


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