2014 Hanzell Pinot Noir Sebella

2014 Hanzell Pinot Noir Sebella

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2014 Hanzell Pinot Noir Sebella

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"Pinot Noir is the star of the 2014 vintage in Sonoma...The wines are absolutely brilliant..." - Antonio Galloni on 2014 vintage

We've got an incredible deal from one of Sonoma's pioneer wineries - Hanzell's ‘Sebella’ Pinot Noir from the superlative 2014 vintage, and it is a gorgeous artisanal Pinot that's available today for the best price around.

The Zellerbach family planted the Hanzell property with Pinot Noir vines back in 1953 and released their first vintage in ‘57. The vines have thrived at this site for so long that they now have developed a distinct ‘Hanzell’ clone that is perfectly adapted to the area! The 'Sebella' Pinot Noir comes from the younger vines, but still shows the distinct Burgundian influence for which Hanzell has come to be known.

With much of Hanzell's production going to a devout mailing list, we were thrilled when our buyer got us an allocation (with a fantastic price to boot!). With a 40% discount off the current national average, this is one that ALL Pinot enthusiasts - Burgundy and US alike - should be loading up on in quantity. Cheers!