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  • The only thing that makes a perfectly prepared seafood dish better is pairing it with a glass of wine (although an ocean view would be pretty nice, too). When it comes to fish and shellfish, you typically only hear about white wine pairings. While whites may be the classic go-to wines, they’re not your only option. Plenty of red wines go well with a variety of seafood dishes, too. Here, we’ll provide you with some quick tips on how to pair wine with seafood, as well as some great combinations you should try for your next ocean-inspired meal....

  • Chances are, if you're reading this article, you're already a big fan of wine. Maybe you love winding down by sipping a glass or two of a nice, aromatic white wine. ‌But wait a second...aromatic white? Doesn't all wine have an aroma? What's so special about this category of wine that they get to carry the label while others don't? ‌These are great questions, and the answers lie in the variety of grapes used for the wines. Aromatic wines are made from varieties that give off higher amounts of natural aromas; some of these scents might......

  • What is Wine Body?

    Imagine you are attending a wine tasting in a breezy Napa Valley vineyard. You have just been poured a glass, and the sommelier has prompted you to appreciate the wine's body. But what does that mean exactly? It isn't a reference to the flavors present in the wine — that's what descriptors like fruity, earthy, and spicy are for. And since it is a liquid, ebbing and flowing and taking the shape of whatever container it's poured into, it's clear that wine body has nothing to do with shape. So, what is wine body?...

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