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  • Forget old stereotypes. Merlot can make great wines, wines of balance with tannins, acidity, fruit and savoriness tugging at opposing corners to create a taut, exciting glass of red. Here's what you should know about Merlot...

  • What is Natural Wine?

    “Natural wine” shows up in many restaurants, shops, and wine discussions—or arguments—these days. It gets much more attention today than it did even three or four years ago. Despite the growing popularity and the very traditional methods many of its producers use, natural wine is new to a lot of people. And, even among those who drink it, there is confusion about what natural wine is....

  • Experts agree that the soil in which grapevines grow can have a substantial impact on the grapes’ character. Sedimentary soils, particularly limestone and chalk, get a lot attention in the wine world. Volcanic soils can result in equally fine and distinctive wines though....

I have recommended JJ Buckley to numerous friends over the years.

-Michael R., June 2018

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