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  • When you’re shopping for a good bottle of wine, the choices can be overwhelming. But luckily, completing your collection is easy once you understand the nine main types of wine. Once we walk you through your wine discovery journey, you'll know what your collection is missing, and you'll learn how to pair them like a sommelier...

  • Creating wine and cheese pairings is a nuanced art that requires an in-depth understanding of complementary flavors. It’s challenging, but a good pairing is well worth the effort. ‌When it comes to blue cheese, finding a suitable wine can be a touch more difficult. This pungent cheese features strong flavors that can clash severely with many wines. While you can always use classic go-tos like intense reds or sweet dessert wines, they’re not the only options you have. In this article, you’ll learn some of the best wine and cheese pairings for blue cheese, as well as some additional tips for c...

  • Not everyone may be familiar with a decanter or why you would use one. The short answer is that a little aeration can make a striking difference in the flavor of your wine. Decanting wine is the art of slowly pouring your wine from its original bottle into a glass vessel or decanter. We call it an "art" because you need to do it without disturbing the sediment at the bottom — which is easier said than done....

Interesting wines, good pricing, and very good and knowledgeable customer service from Michel. I love the fact that if you see something you want, but haven't room for it at home (yet), they will keep it for you and send it when you want it.

-Tracey B., September 2020

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