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  • For wine aficionados around the world, pairing is an essential way to enjoy wine at its full potential. Pairing wine with the perfect food elevates the best of both, by balancing and harmonizing flavors. To aid and organize the art of wine pairing, many people utilize a wine pairing chart — which offers a visual guide to pairing food with wine....

  • Wines from the Napa Valley are highly sought after among wine collectors and wine consumers alike. One of the primary reasons is this: the lush valley offers a near-perfect wine-growing environment. It was even designated as California’s first American Viticultural Area in 1981 because of its climate, terrain, and vibrant history. Essentially, Napa Valley offers the perfect trifecta for growing grapes: perfect climate, rich soil, and diverse terrain. The result is some of the best wine the world produces......

  • Peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese and tomato soup, steak and potatoes—there are some well-known, incredible pairings out there. Another top favorite: wine and cheese, of course. These two may even top the list of the most iconic food combinations—and when paired correctly, each brings out the best elements of the other to create an unrivaled flavor experience....

I like the selection of southern French and Southern Italian wines this company carries. Their representatives have been helpful in suggesting wines, and shipping department has been reliable.

-Mark L., February 2020

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