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  • Syrah and Petite Sirah are so similar in spelling and pronunciation that you might expect them to be similar wines. This confusion might grow when you see wines labeled Shiraz, which has a similar sound as well. What is the difference between Shiraz, Syrah and Petite Sirah? Are they the same wine and grape variety, just with different names? Not exactly....

  • Of all the decisions made for a wine though, when to harvest is arguably the most significant choice. It affects yield, flavors and aromas, texture, acidity, potential alcohol, balance, approachability, and aging potential. One or two days can make a huge difference. And waiting too long can result in substantial losses if the weather turns bad. How do they choose the date?...

  • Wine left to age offers up exceptional flavors you just can’t get with new wine. It also lets you sample wine from a year that holds a special memory, such as the year of your marriage or the year your child was born or adopted. The best aged wine is also a delight to savor, a unique transformation in a bottle that you can share with friends on everything from a warm summer day to a cozy winter evening....

Excellent selection and overall great resource. Best website experience compared to other retailers. I tend to go here before all others because I trust their judgement and the quality of product they offer.

-Kevin D., March 2017

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