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  • When deciding which bottle of wine to serve with our meals, we usually look to the season first. While red wines warm you through the winter and white wines cool you down on a hot summer day, rose wine (also written as rosé wine) is the perfect choice for anything in between. It is the ideal beverage to celebrate the end of winter, enjoy the long days of summer, and then welcome the beginning of autumn....

  • In a new series of articles, I’ll be highlighting several important, ongoing trends related to wine. I’ll tell you how each affects avid wine consumers personally. Today’s article addresses climate change, which is changing wine styles in pretty much every region of the world....

  • There are few foods in this world as deceptively simple as a good oyster. This classic shellfish is described any number of ways, from meaty to delicate, clean to briny, fruity to mineral. If those sound like tasting notes, that’s because they are. Much like fine wine, the region and conditions an oyster hails from create a unique flavor profile. This, as you can imagine, makes for ample wine pairing opportunities. When paired well, wine and oysters play off each other in a beautiful balance that brings out all the best notes of each....

You guys run a great company. You seem to be in tune with the market and your buyers do a really good job, at least in Burgundy which is what I buy most of. Thanks!

-Frank B., October 2017

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