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  • When you think of an optimal food and wine pairing, what comes to mind? If you’re like most, your mind might instantly jump to high-end meals, such as oysters and Champagne, lobster and white Burgundy, or prime rib and Merlot. While these are all fine wine food pairing options, have you ever considered what wine you might drink with spaghetti?‌ Every spaghetti preparation is different depending on the sauce and other items you add to it. As such, it lends itself to a wide range of different wines.‌...

  • Whether you're a professional sommelier or a self-taught wine expert looking to build an impressive collection, you probably know where all of the best wines come from. Italy, of course, makes the list of top wine-producing countries, along with France, Spain, and the United States. Because a significant amount of the world's wine is produced in these areas, it's easy to forget that plenty of other countries are taking on the task of crafting bottles of delicious wine, too...including England.‌...

  • While Chilean wines might not be as well-known as their European cousins, you don’t want to overlook these South American delicacies. While its wines are from the “New World,” Chile has been producing them for close to 500 years. It’s the second-largest wine producer in South America and the seventh-largest in the world.‌ The wines of Chile are diverse, unique, and flavorful. If you’ve never tried one before, you are missing out. Here, we provide you with a quick Chilean wine guide to help you learn a bit more about the beautiful wines this country has to offer.‌...

I buy a lot of wine from a lot of different places, yet I truly find the combination of JJB's selection, value, ease of purchase, and most importantly personal customer service to be top of the top. Whether online like this purchase or direct like many others, it's all good. Please keep doing everything you're doing!

-Nick O., January 2021

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