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  • Any fine wine is complex, so it’s no surprise that the winemaking industry uses a diverse range of descriptors for the various reactions and techniques that affect wines as they make their way from the vineyard to the bottle. Oxidation is one of those descriptors, and it refers to the way in which oxygen interacts with the grapes, juice, and bottled wine....

  • Last week I attended the Appellation St. Helena (ASH) tasting. It was a preview event for the Premiere Napa Valley Auction. Twenty-one St. Helena AVA member wineries poured current releases, auction lots, and the occasional library wine. I tasted all 61 wines. It doesn’t make sense to provide notes for all of those here, so I’ll hit the highlights and address the 2017 vintage which was that of the auction lots....

  • Until fairly recently, Malbec had had a tough career. For most of its life, it was primarily known as a “Bordeaux variety,” and not one of the prominent ones. It got a new lease on life in Argentina and, now, is seeing a renaissance in Cahors....

JJ Buckley provides an opportunity for me to find fine wines in low (or no) quantity in my area. Always a great alternative to trying to find local (which is often times hard).

-Elizabeth S., April 2018

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