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JJ Buckley's Pressroom 

  • To most people, German wine means German Riesling. Of course, Germany offers many other varieties. But Riesling eclipses all those varieties in both acreage and reputation....

  • Storing a bottle of wine that you intend to drink several years in the future is very different than storing a bottle you plan to drink this weekend. Here are six essential tips on how to store wine that will help to ensure that it maintains its quality and tastes incredible on the day you finally decide to pop the cork....

  • Oakville is among the most important regions of Napa Valley, especially with respect to Cabernet Sauvignon. Oakville has a very long viticultural history and is home to some of California's most respected vineyards and producers....

Love my special offer emails from JJ Buckley. Makes the wine buying experience more fun when experts are cluing you into great wines at great prices. Removes the effort and guarantees that I get great value for my wine spend!

-Perry W., January 2018

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