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  • The wildfires ravaging Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma Counties remain officially uncontained. This article contains updates on the overall status, the effect on wineries and info on how you can help....

  • Is Wine Gluten-Free?

    It would seem obvious that wine is gluten-free. Wine is made by fermentation, with yeast transforming grape’s sugars into alcohol. Both grapes and yeast are gluten-free. But additives, barrel-aging and clarification have been highlighted by some articles as potential sources for gluten contamination. This article looks at each of those to see how much risk there really is....

  • People tend to think a wine tastes better if they believe it's relatively pricey. Scientists are beginning to learn how our brains convert expectations to "real" perceptions....

Found a large selection of wines for a wonderful price and incredible shipping.

-Tanner K., August 2017

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