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  • Wine has always been an integral part of the holidays. You give special wines as gifts and share bottles with loved ones in merry celebrations of friendship, familial love, and camaraderie. Among these celebrations, debates can arise about the wine that's being drunk. Is it too dry? Too sweet? What would go well with what? Around the celebration table during Thanksgiving, wine debates may arise. Fortunately, when it comes to wine pairing with turkey, those who swear by red wine and those who tout white wine are both right....

  • The Chianti region of Italy, located in Central Tuscany, is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire region. It’s dreamy and romantic, featuring lush, rolling hills and gorgeous villas. The area is also best known for the wines that come from there – also called Chianti. A medium-bodied red wine, Chianti is mouthwateringly acidic with moderate to high levels of tannins. Floral and spicy when young, they develop earthier notes as they age. Chianti has increased in quality significantly in the last few decades, providing us with some of the most delicious wines to have alongside meals....

  • In traditional Japanese cuisine, sake reigns supreme. Others may drink beer with their meals. In modern Japan, other drinks are becoming more common. Wine is a great alternate option when you choose to experiment. Take a look at a few ideas for wine pairings with Japanese food to inspire your next Japanese meal....

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