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  • When Chateau Montelena held what they called a “Dream Tasting,” I was happy and privileged to attend., It covered five decades of Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon. And it was indeed a dream....

  • Any fine wine is complex, so it’s no surprise that the winemaking industry uses a diverse range of descriptors for the various reactions and techniques that affect wines as they make their way from the vineyard to the bottle. Oxidation is one of those descriptors, and it refers to the way in which oxygen interacts with the grapes, juice, and bottled wine....

  • If you’re hosting a dinner party, you’ve probably already planned out the main course, appetizers and dessert. You’ve checked music and entertainment off your list as well. Now you just need pick the best wine for your celebrations. Not sure how to choose? Don't worry. Here are 10 tips on how to pick the perfect wine for dinner:...

I find really professional your site and your customer service. I signed up for the newsletter and received an email from a TRUE PERSON that says thank you and asked me what I am interested in. That was a great email - thank you for caring for your customers guys!! I hope to watch more closely your website and check the offers.

-Yigit K., March 2018

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