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JJ Buckley's Pressroom 

  • For the past decade, the Willamette Valley AVA has been one of the most-respected in the country. It's Pinot Noir wines are particularly high-scoring. Because their overall quality level is high and production limited, the wines average price points are high too. But Willamette Valley is not a small, homogenous region. This article is a quick guide to understanding the Willamette Valley AVA....

  • There are many components of wine quality. Most are well-known to wine enthusiasts: color, balance, intensity, structure, length, complexity, ageability, for example. But one aspect, perhaps the one which most separates very good wine from great, and great from insanely great, is rarely talked about, even among winemakers and critics....

  • The Rutherford Dust Society conducted their annual AVA tasting and vintage review on July 11. The event highlights a soon-to-be-released vintage, in this case 2015. ...

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-Jim H., April 2017

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