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  • Rioja is the most famous of all Spanish wine regions. In 1560 Rioja established regulations to ensure the purity of their wines and to prevent other regions from hijacking its “brand.” In 1925, Rioja became Spain’s first, legally recognized Denomination of Origin for wine. When new classifications were introduced in 1991, Rioja was immediately upgraded to DOCa. It is still one of only two in Spain....

  • There’s a lot to consider when planning a menu where pork roast is the star. The most important thing to remember is that pork roast isn’t just one cut of pork. It’s much more variable, with several cuts of pork considered a "roast"—as long as the meat is cut into a larger portion and roasted in the oven....

  • The best wines offer aging potential and take meals to another level. This is where Malbec excels. This big, bold wine is expressive and delicious, and it makes an ideal candidate for both cellar aging and dinner pairing. The right pairing with Malbec delights the senses, leaving you eager to explore other combinations with this fantastic varietal....

Great descriptions, well stocked with pertinent information. Good selection.

-Marc C., May 2020

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