Wine storage

If you already have wines in storage at JJ Buckley, login to My Account. There you can view your wines, arrange shipment or pick-up, and download a summary of all the wines you have with us or pending arrival.


JJ Buckley offers competitively-priced, professional wine storage at our secure, temperature-controlled facility in Oakland, CA. We provide complete, online access to all your wines stored with us through the My Account section of our site. View your inventory, arrange for shipment or pick-up, and download reports at any time, 24/7.

Every bottle you buy from JJ Buckley earns you a 6-month storage credit. This unique benefit gives you the flexibility to defer shipment until the weather is better, or whenever you’re ready to take delivery. Read on to learn more.

Our New Storage Benefits Program

We recently made a change to how we charge fees for wines you choose to hold in our temperature-controlled facility. We hope this will make our storage services easier to understand, more flexible for you, and we're giving you a new benefit to boot! 

Old Benefit: Storage was free for 6 months if the bottle actually went to storage.

New & Improved Benefit:

  • Every bottle you buy from us earns you a storage credit. This unique JJ Buckley benefit gives you the flexibility to defer shipment until the weather is better, or whenever you’re ready to take delivery.
  • Credits are good for 6 months and become active in your account when bottles from the related purchase are physically in stock at JJ Buckley. Credits expire 6 months after activation date, whether you use them or not.
  • Credits are free-range! They are not “tethered” to specific bottles or purchases. We’ll automatically apply your active credits to any wines you are holding with us.
  • Storage fees are calculated based on the average number of bottles we held for you during your 30-day billing cycle, minus your active storage credits.

*For any given billing cycle, the active bottle credits deducted from your bill will not exceed the average number of bottles in storage.

Storage Billing Courtesy Notifications

Each month, you will receive a courtesy email summarizing your held bottles and active credits. The email also provides you an estimate of what you might owe when your billing cycle ends.

Take advantage of the information in the courtesy email to reduce your storage fees by: 

  • Purchasing additional in-stock wines before your billing cycle end date.
  • Shipping any number of bottles we are holding for you before your billing cycle end date.

Storage Pricing

Our competitive wine storage rates are as follows:

  • $0.34 (34 cents) per month for each 750ml bottle.
  • Bottles greater than 750ml are charged at their 750ml equivalents. For example, a 3L bottle is equal to 4 x 750ml, so the monthly charge is $1.36.
  • Bottles smaller than 750ml are charged the 750ml rate.


By default, wines stored in our facilities are not insured. We recommend that you purchase your own insurance through an independent firm, such as Fireman's Fund or Chubbs, both of which provide high quality wine collection insurance.

How To Add Or Remove Wines From Storage

When you purchase wine from JJ Buckley, you can easily add it to your storage account. Just let your Wine Specialist know when you place an order, or select "Send To Storage" from the shipping options during checkout.

Removing wines from storage is as easy as placing an order! Login to My Account and select the wines you wish to ship or pick-up. Add them to your cart and proceed to checkout where you can choose shipping or pick-up options. You can also contact your Wine Specialist or call us at 1-888-859-4637 during business hours to arrange shipment or pick-up. Our customer pick-up office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5:30pm PT.

Please allow 3 business days for us to prepare your wines from storage for shipment or pick-up. Larger removal requests (100+ bottles) or freight forwarding may require additional preparation time.

Questions about storage?

Send us an email  or call us at 1-888-859-4637.