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We take customer service very seriously - let us know how we're doing! All feedback is appreciated, from your experience shopping our site or working with your Wine Specialist, to thoughts about wines you’ve purchased from us. Please contact us and share your feedback - we'd love to hear from you.

Read on to find out what real JJ Buckley customers say about us!

Thank you for the years of great service and wine selections!

Jim H., April 2017

My wine buying experience with JJ Buckley was fantastic. They had inventory of what I wanted at the right price and got it delivered to me on time and in perfect condition. I will buy from them again and again and again.

Franco C., April 2017

It's difficult to find quality European wines locally in my state and I appreciate the quality and depth of JJ Buckley's foreign wine selection. Through JJ Buckley, my wife and I are able to explore and enjoy some of the the best European wine producing regions.

Mike G., April 2017

Besides a great web site and set of videos that provide a good narrative and insights into the "personality" of the company, the pricing was very competitive (meeting or beating the usual sites I frequent in CA).

William S., April 2017

Excellent selection and overall great resource. Best website experience compared to other retailers. I tend to go here before all others because I trust their judgement and the quality of product they offer.

Kevin D., March 2017

Love this wine company. Great wines, great prices!! Glad I found them online.

Kristen L., March 2017

As close to perfect as a wine store could be. Great wines at great prices. Flawless customer service. Helpful sommeliers. I'd like free shipping, but you can't get everything you want.....

Chris S., March 2017

Devon has always recommended wines that met my preferences, at the best possible prices.

Claude W., March 2017

Great wine finds that I would not otherwise know about, and I am getting educated about developments in today's wine industry through the emails.

Sandy K., March 2017

Competitive prices. Especially good with Bordeaux futures. Email offers always tempting. 

Aaron C., March 2017

The tasting notes are very accurate and I am rarely if ever disappointed in any of the wines that I have ordered meeting my expectations.

John L., March 2017

Introduced through a team member years ago and have been pleased ever since.

Rick E., February 2017

Good selection and service is excellent.

Larry C., February 2017

Great company - great site - great experience.

Mark M., February 2017

This is the best site to find vintage and rare wine. I highly recommend this to all of my friends.

Jennifer N., February 2017

The search function on the website is definitely the easiest and most simple that I've seen thus far. Bevmo or any other big namer can't even compare. Not to the selection, reviews, or the prices for wine.

O.M., February 2017

A great customer service team (Kevin Johnson), the wine arrives in pristine condition, and if it is pre-arrival I am always informed when it comes in. I can't always say that with other vendors. Thanks!

Greg W., January 2017

JJ Buckley Fine Wines is a reliable source for high quality wines, which are often unavailable elsewhere.

Peter T., January 2017

I use Jeff Loo and he is amazing, professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  JJ Buckley does a great job getting shipments right and on time. Very pleased with what you all do and the quality and selection of wine.  Keep up the good work.

Tim O., January 2017

My number one wine retailer in the country, approaching 500 bottle purchases over the last decade or so. The website experience has improved dramatically over the past year or two and the personal account manager, Devon Magee in my case, is a great advantage over other retailers. To top it off, you can count on JJ Buckley to always offer a competitive price, which is frequently the lowest in the country.

Paul R., January 2017

Tracey Rose is the best wine consultant. Very responsive and knowledgeable.

James B., January 2017

Kevin Johnson has been extremely helpful!!!

Matt P., January 2017

JJ Buckley consistently delivers an outstanding selection of fine wines, great customer service and my personal Fine Wine Specialist keeps me informed of the newest wine shipments arriving. When I need a wine gift, I shop at JJ Buckley as I know I will find something extra special. 

Carrie E., December 2016

JJ Buckley is a fine online institution, with pleasant and professional representatives and outstanding products and services.

Anonymous Buyer, December 2016

Great and honest retailer!

Jim B., December 2016

I love the selection of French, Italian and Spanish wines you offer. Don't have that kind of selection in Colorado anywhere!!

William W., December 2016

Part of order was not on time...due to UPS overload, not because of JJ.  Tracey Rose went out of her way as usual to make sure everything was handled to make up for the delay.  She's a pro.

Derek H., December 2016

My representative Will is great and your system is easy to work with!

William N., December 2016

Over the years I've had an excellent experience with JJ Buckley.

Steve W., December 2016

Although I sometimes search other places JJB is my go to place.

Tracy M., December 2016

I am a big fan and enjoy shopping on JJ Buckley Fine Wines!

Tyler B., December 2016

One of the top 2 or 3 wine retailers in the country.  Great prices, huge selection, easy ordering, and excellent customer service - pretty much everything a fine wine purchaser is looking for.

Paul R., December 2016

Best online wine shopping in the U.S.

Bob P., December 2016

I always have a very nice shopping experience with JJ Buckley. Even though I am not computer versed, I find it easy to search their website and the staff are customer-friendly and professional.

Michael M., December 2016

They [JJ Buckley] do a fine job. I like interacting with Devon, he's always come through for me.

Bill L., December 2016

The price for the wine I bought was excellent.  From the ease of ordering to the speed of delivery, everything was terrific.  The packaging was excellent, as well.  I am very happy with the purchase, and have already recommended you to friends!

M.G., November 2016

I have always enjoyed working with JJ Buckley, I definitely appreciate the emails with the info about a particular wine.

Will B., November 2016

I have always been satisfied with the selection and service at JJB.

Mark H., November 2016

I really love buying stuff from JJ Buckley. You have the best prices on the market. I'm going to continue buying from you. Thank you!

Ian S., November 2016

JJ Buckley Fine Wines is highly recommended! An excellent experience all the way around!

Susan O., October 2016

Great place! Very friendly! Awesome prices and selections!

Frank L., October 2016

I had a good experience, and have even recommended a few (three) of my friends that have also purchased from you recently. Found your prices competitive and also you carry good rated wines. 

Eric I., October 2016

Anonymous comments from our November '15 Customer Satisfaction Survey:

"I enjoy the 'personal' attention offered by Roland, and JJB's prices are hard to beat anywhere in N. California, if not the whole US. The free storage services allow me to buy wines throughout the year and then pick up my orders when I am in Oakland, saving me $ on shipping."

"I am very happy to have good storage and shipping for my wines."

"Will is an amazing wine professional-always easy to reach and place orders. His recommendations on daily emails are accurate and truthful."

"Jeff Loo provides not only great service but has great recommendations. I have referred him to several of my friends around the country and they too have all been very satisfied with Jeff and JJ Buckley."

"Always interesting and worthwhile recommendations from my fine wine specialist."

"The recommendations and service of the specialist is top rate. I feel that Roland is always helpful in facilitating my order."

"You carry wines that I seek at very fair prices."

"As a caterer, I have been given excellent suggestions for wines to pair with particular menus. I feel I can trust the knowledge of JJ Buckley wine reps. If I tell them a price range they steer me to excellent wines. Wines/champagne are great values for the quality."

"...I like my wine consultant, Jeff Loo, he is very responsive, very professional, and knowledgable. The selection is great, the pricing is competitive. I like how they will store wines to ship during cooler months. My orders have always been accurate and delivered as promised. Pre-arrival and futures wines arrive sooner than with other companies."

"I appreciate the customer service I receive from JJ Buckley: i.e. prompt responses to emails, questions answered, recommendations, and special attention to requests and concerns. I always feel like I get extra attention and service from JJ Buckley, so for this reason I would buy more from them than try to save a few bucks by going elsewhere."

"I really like doing business with my wine specialist. I bounce wine tasting ideas "off him" and pull together detailed, blind wine tastings with my group of fine wine "geeks". You were very helpful in my wine purchases on the 2009 and 2010 Bordeaux vintages. We are doing a 2012 vintage Bordeaux tasting over the next few months and I plan to order a case or two of samples, with "follow on" orders for the winners. Thank you for your help!"

"Very helpful customer service. Great prices and easy to work with."

"I've enjoyed working with Geoffrey as he has been great to get the wine I'm looking for, and remind me when the time is right to ship. I recommend to my friends jjbuckley for their long term wine buying needs"

"Roland is very good at getting back to me quickly. I always feel like an important client."

"Very good prices on imports and good selection of large format sizes as well."

"I have watched you evolve when you procured Winecommune and have understood and appreciated the changes made. Working with my personal contact, John Sweeney, has been a pleasure. When he is not available the staff has been quick to help out. Storage, information provided, and the cost versus other retailers have all been pluses for JJB."

"I feel confident when I purchase wines through JJB, as your reps are very responsive, knowledgeable and courteous, your prices are very fair, and your shipping prices are too."

"...my sales rep makes it easy for me to do business with you, and that's a plus. Tracey is great at what she does."

"I needed something very specific and rare as a gift. My consultant, Chris Greene, hit it out of the park. Everyone was asking, 'Where did you find that?'"

"Wine specialist Will is very easy to work with - he communicates quickly and the orders come in correctly and on time."

"I always appreciate finding a new wine or getting a coveted one from you. Thanks!"

"...I am very happy with JJ Buckley and consider it a great resource for excellent wines. I have never received a damaged or "bad" bottle of wine. I have interacted with at least 3 of your wine professionals, and they have all been extremely knowledgable. I continue to recommend you to friends and colleagues..."

"Just keep doing what you are doing. Your prices are very good, marketing interesting and fair, and sales are great deals."

"The email solicitation by a wine expert for preferred clients is great. You don't overload my inbox, and all the offerings add to my wine education even if I choose not to purchase."

"Keep doing what you are doing - Sincerely enjoy the process of purchasing through my wine buyer and surfing your website. Some minor issues with storage accuracy, however, you have always come through. We are big advocates of your site. Thank you"

"Geoffrey Binder is an excellent guy !! He has been extremely helpful in all aspects of my dealing with him. Congratulations on the selection, and also the prices at which you offer wines !! I look forward to our continued business."

Anonymous comments from our November '15 Customer Satisfaction Survey

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John Doe, March 2017

Thank you so much. You've been amazing. This fabulous customer service is virtually unheard of these days. I appreciate all that you have done AND your updates and communication.  You can count on me telling everyone I know what great service I received from you.

A. Callahan, September 2016

"I understand your daily task is to sell wine but I really appreciate the opportunity to get in ahead of the crowd.  Too often, on something special like this I have lost out because I was swimming in a crowded pool of Preferred Customers."

William, N., February 2014

"Here's one from a seller, not a buyer. Deciding that I have so much good wine that to drink it all before I get too old - or it gets too old - am selling off a lot. Sold about 50 bottles of great Italian classics including Sassicaia, Solaia, and Ornellias as well as high 90s rated Brunellos. Contact and the whole follow up by Chris Nielsen at JJBuckley who is their buyer was flawless. Fair price, excellent means of getting it to them, and the check came within the time promised. You can trust these guys."

Mike C., November 2013

"Found your site much easier to navigate than most other merchants IN ANY CATEGORY."

Doug, September 2013

"Always good prices and dependable delivery. Knowledgeable wine people, too."

Anonymous, September 2013

"I particularly liked that when I had a question, I was able to call the store and someone was very helpful, offering to stay on the phone as I completed the order."

Bob W., September 2013

"Thank you so much...I am curious if there is anyone else who provides the service of putting together an order like this - i.e. going out and finding merchants who have the vintages I want, negotiates price, and purchases? Thanks!"

Alta S., September 2013

"Amazing selection at an even more amazing price!!"

Merrie, September 2013

"I trust their recommendations. Very good wines at a good price."

Anonymous, August 2013

"Great selection, easy guidance, easy to use website, hands down the best way to get quality wine at a decent price."

Anonymous, August 2013

"I've been using JJ Buckley to source difficult to find wines and great prices for about 4 years. They are always helpful and deliver on their promises."

Bob, July 2013

"Great merchant! They get it right."

Holly, April 2013

"Thank you very much. Excellent customer service! I appreciate it. More orders to come for certain."

Mark M., September 2012

"Glad I stumbled on you and JJ Buckley. Your wine prices are lower than my favorite shops, your wines are rated and have descriptions, and purchases are delivered to my door via inexpensive overnight shipping. Low hassle - high reward."

David K., March 2010

"Thanks so much - a real pleasure dealing with you !! I look forward to the years ahead."

John C, November 2009

Alex: Thanks so much for the follow-through! I'll keep buying from you guys! You're the best.

Graham K, November 2009

I really have to compliment you on your customer service. Though I've purchased a grand total of 1 bottle so far, you've treated me as though I've purchased from you for years.

Eliot F., July 2009

THANKS! As always, JJ Buckley is un-paralleled for customer service! (You can put that on the website.)

David C., April 2009

Thanks for all your help. It is why I shop with you!

Diana, September 2008

...This is why I love doing business with you guys. It's refreshing to deal with organizations like JJB/WC that know what customer satisfaction is all about. You guys are the best!

Richard, September 2008

You are the best! I really enjoy working with you guys, and I tell everyone in the wine community here about your great deals and service. All the best!

Matt S., October 2007

I told one of my closest friends and wine lover like me about your services, I told her that you will climb any mountain to get her the wines she can't seem to find at terrific prices! Please take care of her as you take care of me!

Dianna, October 2007

I always have a very nice shopping experience with JJ Buckley. Even though I am not computer versed, I find it easy to search their website and the staffing are customer friendly and professional.

Michael M., December 2016