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Wine Legs and Quality: The At-Home Connoisseur's Guide

Have you ever seen someone swirl their wine and watched as the liquid dripped down the inside of the glass? Perhaps you’ve done this a time or two yourself. The purpose of this is to examine the qualities of the drips that form as the wine settles. These translucent streaks, known as wine "legs" or "tears", have long been considered a marker of wine quality. The belief used to be that higher-quality wines had more legs. As it turns out, the quality of wine legs can tell you more about the wine than the number of them.

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Cabernet Sauvignon Food Pairing Ideas: 9 Must-Trys

It’s no secret that pairing a great wine with a delicious dish can turn an ordinary meal into an incredible dining experience. Considering the elements of the wine as well as the elements of the dish is essential for creating that perfect combination.Let’s take a look at Cabernet Sauvignon. Originally from France, this bold, full-bodied red has medium to high levels of both tannins and acidity. At first glance, it might appear that such an intense wine might be difficult to pair with food. On the contrary, it’s the perfect complement to many dishes.

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Dessert Wine Types: A Last Course Field Guide for Wine Lovers

While you could technically call any wine that you drink with dessert a “dessert wine,” dessert wines are actually quite different from the reds and whites you might choose to pair with an appetizer or main course. These wines are an entire category of wines that undergo a different production process than table wines. They're generally quite sweet, and some, like port, are also higher in alcohol than any red or white you might serve with an appetizer or main course. These are the wines meant to have with — or even for — dessert.

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A Short History of Chianti (To Enjoy With Your Next Glass)

The Chianti region of Italy, located in Central Tuscany, is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire region. It’s dreamy and romantic, featuring lush, rolling hills and gorgeous villas. The area is also best known for the wines that come from there – also called Chianti. A medium-bodied red wine, Chianti is mouthwateringly acidic with moderate to high levels of tannins. Floral and spicy when young, they develop earthier notes as they age. Chianti has increased in quality significantly in the last few decades, providing us with some of the most delicious wines to have alongside meals.

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7 Excellent Wine and Cheese Pairings To Try This Week

The world is full of classic combinations — wine and cheese pairings being among the best known. People all around the globe have enjoyed them together for centuries. Along with regional customs, some of what we know about pairing wine with cheese comes from adages dating back to the time of British wine merchants. The saying “buy on apples and sell on cheese” was shared wisdom. The principle is still true - cheese and wine are natural friends. Here, we’ll take a closer look at why wine and cheese work so well together and offer you a few irresistible pairings you’re sure to love.

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Chardonnay vs. Pinot Grigio: 3 Takeaways (+ When to Choose Each)

White wine can be ideal for many occasions, but knowing which variety to choose may not be instinctive. Not all white wines taste the same, and each variety has its own distinct features and taste profile. Two of the most popular options are Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. They are distinctive wines with some important differences. Comparing Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio can help you understand what makes each one special and enable you to choose the right one for the most enjoyable experience.

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