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Know Your Stuff: 5 Types of White Wine To Know & Have On Hand

Although white and red wines are made through the same general fermentation process, there are a few key differences throughout that help maintain white grapes' vibrant flavors. When these are captured by a varietal, they can be paired successfully with appetizers, mains, or even desserts, making the sipping experience even more special. Plus, proving you know your stuff when it comes to white wine will make your home the place for future gatherings in the springtime, summertime, or anytime.

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Dessert Wine Types: A Last Course Field Guide for Wine Lovers

While you could technically call any wine that you drink with dessert a “dessert wine,” dessert wines are actually quite different from the reds and whites you might choose to pair with an appetizer or main course. These wines are an entire category of wines that undergo a different production process than table wines. They're generally quite sweet, and some, like port, are also higher in alcohol than any red or white you might serve with an appetizer or main course. These are the wines meant to have with — or even for — dessert.

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Do You Chill Cabernet Sauvignon? Temperature Tips & Advice

In the broad popular category of red wines, there are many distinct and outstanding varieties. This article will focus on one particular variety: Cabernet Sauvignon. There is a lot of conversation surrounding this wine, especially when discussing the best storage and serving practices. We’ll explore all the basics of Cabernet Sauvignon, including how to best to serve Cabernet Sauvignon and how to chill it to the proper temperature.

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The Best White Wine for Cooking + 5 Recipes To Try

Sure, you've heard of and probably tried dishes that use wine as an ingredient. Pasta. Proteins. Sauces. Desserts. No matter the meal, wine can elevate flavors and bring complexities to your plate, making eating feel luxurious. Bringing the same feeling into your home when you cook means knowing a bit more about why wine is a special ingredient and getting comfortable with experimenting in the kitchen. After all, if you're going to pour some white into your glass, why not pour some into your pan?

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Our Favorite 4 Wines Similar To Riesling

In the pantheon of red and white wines, there are countless varieties available, each with different flavor profiles, colors, and compositions. One of the more interesting and storied white varieties is Riesling. While it is also made in a dry style, this variety is best known for its sweet versions. And thanks to its versatility at table, it's very popular with chefs and wine enthusiasts alike. While Riesling is very distinct, you can enjoy similar flavors in other wines similar to Riesling...

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How To Drink Pinot Noir: The Science Behind Chilling A Red

For every meal and occasion, there's a wine to match. Sparkling wines are for celebrating and refreshing your palate, cabernet sauvignon and zinfandel elevate your hearty steak dinner, and crisp pinot grigio enhance a a cool plate of oysters. However, one wine out there walks the line and offers versatility like no other. It pairs with light seafood and rich red meat alike. It can even be chilled to refresh you on a warm day. Enter Pinot Noir.

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