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Wine Pairing With Scallops: 5 Great Choices + Why They Work

Most people will tell you that scallops should be paired with white wine. The light flavor, tender and buttery texture, and aromatic seasonings ideally pair with white wine. However, this doesn't mean that great scallop and red wine pairings aren't out there. Here are pairings for both red and white wines alike.

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The Best Wine to Pair With Salmon: It’s Synergy At Work

Wine lovers everywhere know that the perfect wine pairing with a dish can elevate it to untold levels. Seafood in particular is loved for its versatility with wine pairings. And no seafood is more representative of this than salmon. Throughout the world, salmon is prepared as sushi, pan-seared, baked, even pressed into delicious salmon fishcakes. Salmon's versatility in preparation and cooking methods opens up a vast selection of wines that it can be paired with. Consequently, salmon is one of the most exciting dishes for wine connoisseurs to find the perfect wine pairing for...

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3 Rules for Wine Pairing With Chili: Sommelier Secrets

A good chili will have a little acidity, a little sweetness, and a whole lot of depth. This is why chili is considered one of the most perfect meals to pair with wine. When considering what wine to drink alongside it, you might want to look out for whether the wine you've selected complements the chili's characteristics — some wines are simply too delicate to hold up to the more assertive flavors of chili, so you want something that's bold enough not to be overwhelmed.

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Mac and Cheese Wine Pairing: A Classic Meal, All Grown Up

Today, there are countless recipes for macaroni and cheese. Sure, Kraft’s blue box remains a staple in many pantries. But home cooks are combining different pasta shapes with various cheese combinations for something a bit different. Fine-dining chefs across the country — and the world — are serving high-end versions in their restaurants. As it turns out, macaroni and cheese isn’t just for kids. Adults love it, too. What's more, you can make the combination even better with a great mac and cheese wine pairing.

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French Wine 101: A Quick Guide to Regions, Pairings + More

The French have been making wine for centuries and wine has become an integral part of the French culture. It’s a source of national pride and certainly considered standard fare in most households throughout the country. French wine’s popularity extends well beyond the country’s borders. France has a reputation as one of the best wine-producing countries in the world and is second only to Italy in terms of wine production. In other words, people all over the world love and appreciate it. If you’re new to French wines, we have a quick guide to help you get started.

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Wine Pairing Isn't Just for Food: 6 Wine Based Cocktails to Try

Wine often gets a reputation for being a libation you enjoy as-is. Many wines offer unique, complex, and nuanced experiences on their own. However, it can also make for a pretty incredible cocktail. If you’ve never thought about wine cocktails before, now’s a perfect time to start expanding your beverage horizons.

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