• JS 98
    jamessuckling.com, 98 points

    A giant of minerality with enormous structure, this also delights you with the stunningly ripe apricot and pineapple fruit that’s wrapped around its dense core. This will surely only get better for many years to come, as...

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    • JS 95
    jamessuckling.com, 95 points

    This self-confidently atypical pinot gris has astonishing acidity that’s got the intensity of a lightning strike. Tons of pineapple and toast character, but also gigantic, lemony freshness at the exceptionally bright...

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    • JS 97
    jamessuckling.com, 97 points

    There’s nothing obvious about this intensely spicy gewurz. In fact, studying the aromas is like solving an intricate puzzle. Very powerful and creamy with succulent tropical-fruit character, the bold minerality balancing...

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    • JS 95
    jamessuckling.com, 95 points

    15 Jun, 2021 – There’s a lot of discussion about “noble austerity“ in wine, but those wines are often just a bit hard. This has a certain mineral austerity, but it is welded to the ripest of citrus aromas and breathtaking...

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    • JS 96
    jamessuckling.com, 96 points

    With its cornucopia of yellow fruit, floral notes and wet-stone character, this is at once fleshy and enormously structured. Nothing opulent or warm about it at all, though. In fact, the very long finish is decisively...

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