• JS 97
    • WA 94
    jamessuckling.com, 97 points

    This is like staring into a deep chasm, yet the discreet mirabelle fruit gives that austere, bone-dry style enough charm to make it really compelling. Enormous crushed-rock minerality, with delicate spice and just a hint...

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    • JS 99
    • WA 93
    jamessuckling.com, 99 points

    Very cool and reserved at the front, but this is an enormously deep and complex wine that has staggering mineral intensity. The lime and oolong-tea freshness effortlessly swallows up the unfermented grape sweetness, as if...

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    • JS 93
    jamessuckling.com, 93 points

    So many tropical flowers and fruits, but also yellow grapefruit and a more classical aroma of white peach. The substantial body is packed with fruit, the fine tannins and mineral acidity supporting this beautifully...

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    24+ in stock
    • JS 98
    jamessuckling.com, 98 points

    The ripe yet delicate apricot character is married to a concentrated, sleek and very polished palate, with mineral acidity that runs right through the wine, from the tip of the tongue right to the very back. Great finesse...

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    • JS 97
    jamessuckling.com, 97 points

    Very cool and reserved, but with great underplayed power, this is in every sense a very serious wine. Major structure crammed into a sleek package. Stunning depth at the very long, herbal and mineral finish. From...

    Reg: $69.94 $59.94
    24+ in stock