• JS 99
    • WA 93
    jamessuckling.com, 99 points

    Very cool and reserved at the front, but this is an enormously deep and complex wine that has staggering mineral intensity. The lime and oolong-tea freshness effortlessly swallows up the unfermented grape sweetness, as if...

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    • JS 98
    • DC 97
    • WA 93
    jamessuckling.com, 98 points

    Very complex, golden-mirabelle and licorice nose with a lot of flinty complexity. Stunning concentration for the sleek body, but this is still so tightly wound. Ravishing finish, in spite of its noble austerity. Enormous...

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    • JS 100
    • WA 97
    jamessuckling.com, 100 points

    Breathtaking clarity and purity, but also stunning, caramelized-rhubarb character that stands out from the crowd of BA/TBAs with honey and dried-fruit character. Enormously concentrated and staggeringly long finish that...

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