6 Holiday Gifts For Wine Lovers

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

Two glasses of wine on a table with holiday tree decorations

The holidays are approaching quickly. Parties, family dinners, and, undoubtedly, holiday wines lie ahead. You'll also be looking for gifts for the people you care about most. 

When choosing for the wine enthusiasts in your life, you may wonder what to get. Rather than buying another bottle of their favorite varietal, why not get something a bit different? There are several unique gifts available this season. Here are a few to consider for all of the wine lovers you know.

1. Coravin Wine Preservation System

To pour a glass of wine, you need to remove the cork. But unless you plan on finishing the bottle, popping the cork also introduces oxygen to the remaining wine. The longer the wine then sits, the greater the risk of oxidation. Ultimately, the oxidation will ruin the wine. 

The Coravin wine preservation system provides a unique solution. It uses a needle to bypass the cork so the oenophile in your life can pour a glass of wine without technically ever opening the bottle. Argon gas fills the empty space, keeping oxygen out. The wine doesn't oxidize, allowing it to stay fresher longer. 

2. Shower Wine Glass Holder

There's nothing quite like a warm bath or shower at the end of a long, stressful workday (or week). The only thing that can make a warm soak better is a relaxing glass of wine. The problem is finding an ideal place to set it. 

A wine holder is a perfect way to turn your bathroom into an ideal retreat. You can take your wine lover's experience to the next level by getting them a wine holder with a built-in water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. Your friends or loved ones can enjoy their favorite tunes while they kick back, soak, and sip.  

3. A Portable Wine Table

A picnic in the park isn't complete without a glass of wine to complement the food. However, setting wine glasses on a picnic blanket on uneven ground is a bit risky. Plus, not everyone enjoys eating their food while sitting on the grass. 

A portable wine table can help make any picnic safer and more elegant. Whether your wine lover wants to enjoy wine in their own backyard or take their picnic to a local park, this outdoor wine table can hold two glasses of wine, the wine bottle, and there's still have enough room for a plate of snacks. 

4. Wine Books

If your favorite wine fan also enjoys a good book, there are several choices on wine available. "Wine. All the Time.: A Casual Guide to Confident Drinking" is a funny and approachable book about wine culture. For those interested in learning more about wine pairing, there's "Wine Food: New Adventures in Drinking and Cooking." For those who would rather pair their glass with popcorn or General Tso's Chicken, there's also "Big Macs and Burgundy: Wine Pairings for the Real World." 

5. Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

Wine and chocolate is a classic combination. However, not all chocolate goes with every wine. Williams Sonoma offers a wine pairing chocolate set, which features four different types for sampling. Each bar states which wine varietal it goes best with, so the wine lover in your life can enjoy the sweetest, most indulgent of pairings. 

6. A Wine Gift Card

Sometimes, the best gift of all is the gift of choice. That's where a wine e-certificate from JJ Buckley Fine Wines can come in handy. You choose the denomination; they choose the wines they want to enjoy again or try for the first time. With a broad selection of high-quality wines, they'll have the pleasure of finding the ones that suit their tastes best. And who knows? They may choose a bottle that they then decide to share with you the next time you get together.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wine-Related Gift

The prospect of choosing gifts for wine lovers can be a little daunting, especially if you aren't sure where to start looking. We've got a few tips that may help your shopping go more smoothly:

  • Check out what they already have. That can help you avoid buying something too similar.
  • Spark up a conversation. Get them talking about the things they might want that would make their wine drinking experiences more enjoyable.
  • Consider when they drink their wines. Are they more the type to enjoy a glass alone with a good book, or do they prefer to pop open a bottle with friends?
  • Think up something unique for them. Everyone's tastes are different. What's more, gifts don't always have to be practical. You can also look for items that speak to a person's sense of humor.
  • Go for something surprising and fun. Think outside the box a little. Pick an item your wine lover might not necessarily buy for themselves.

Find the Perfect Gift for the Wine Lovers In Your Life

A bottle of wine is a great way to say you love someone, but the holidays call for something a little extra special. With so many incredible gifts for wine lovers, you're sure to find the perfect item for the oenophile in your life. From bathtub wine glass holders to a wine preservation system, you're sure to find just the right thing to leave a lasting impression this holiday season.