How To Buy Wine Online In 7 Steps: A Beginner’s Guide

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

Close up of computer keyboard with a wine key instead of the enter key.Online shopping has certainly evolved over the years. From its beginnings  in the 80s, it was limited mainly to buying and selling computer parts. Today, it is a staple of modern consumerism with online shops for every industry - furniture, clothes, toys, food, and even wine.

And with the wealth of information and opportunities readily available on the internet, you're in a great position to enjoy your favorite glass once more, or discover a new favorite after a little bit of research. Of course, the remaining questions are where to buy wine online and what to look out for when searching for the best online wine retailer. We'll help guide you through shopping for wine online with our seven simple steps.

1. Research, Research, Research

Where can you shop for wine online, and how do you get the best wine labels that you know and love? You’ll need to search online and on social media to find the best online wine retailers out there. Legitimate online wine retailers will often have a large online presence with actual reviews from real customers. You can also ask for recommendations for online wine retailers from other wine lovers you trust. Nothing beats a personal referral!

2. Check for Security

When buying wine online, you want to make sure the retailer uses a  secure network. This rings true for any online shopping experience. Ensuring that the site is safe and secure means that your personal and private information is protected.

An online wine retailer with a secure network adds to its legitimacy and trustworthiness. There are a lot of online threats out there that can lead to identity theft, so take care to ensure that the site you're on — and the WiFi you're using — is safe for making purchases.

3. Read the Return Policy

Before you buy any bottles of wine, check the retailer’s return policy. Some may offer full refunds if you do not like the wine, while others offer a credit to use on your next purchase. You don’t want to buy from an online wine retailer that does not have any sort of return/refund policy in place. You’ll end up with a bottle that you didn't enjoy and an emptier wallet.

4. Double-Check the Items In Your Cart

Once you’ve found bottles that suit your fancy, simply add them to the online shopping cart. But before you check out, make sure that the items in your cart are correct.

  • Be sure the quantity you’ve selected is what you want so that you’re not accidentally purchasing 20 bottles when you only want to purchase one or two.
  • Double-check the size of the bottles - a standard wine bottle is 750ml (though a few are produced in 1L bottles), whereas a half-bottle is 375ml. If the price of your favorite wine label seems too good to be true, it might be a half-bottle.
  • Lastly check the stock status of the wines. Some wine retailers sell wines on a pre-arrival or "futures" basis, which means the wine is not in stock and available to ship to you immediately. Reputable retailers will always show the stock status of the item and an ETA for when it is expected to be available on the product page before you purchase.

5. Fill Out Shipping & Billing Information

If everything in your cart is correct, it’s time to check out. This step will require you to fill out personal information, which includes — but is not limited to — your name, email, phone number, address, and payment information. This is where using a safe and secure site comes in handy.

Once you’ve filled out all of the necessary information, you’re ready to confirm your order.

6. Check for a Confirmation Email

A good online retailer will send out your order confirmation email within minutes of your purchase. They may also send tracking information that you can use to check in on the shipping and delivery status of your wine. The email may also include information on the retailer’s return policy.

Some online retailers will send promotional emails and coupons if you sign up for regular emails before or after your transaction, which can be beneficial for the next time you want to purchase the next bottle or two.

7. Reach Out to Customer Service

Once all is said and done, you can choose to reach out to the retailer before and after you’ve received your order. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and give an honest review of what you’ve experienced during the online shopping process. If something isn't right, or if you'd like to know more, tell them. If they’re a good and reputable retailer, they’ll have a quick response time and search for ways to correct any issues to help you feel valued.

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