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2012 Burgundy Report

Published - 28 pages

Every two years, Burgundy’s wineries get together and pour their latest releases. This special event brings the world’s wine industry to the region to sample wines from Chablis to the Macon with frequent stops along the famed Cote d’Or. With the acclaimed 2012’s as a focus of the week’s tastings, JJ Buckley sent Burgundy specialist Jeff Loo to get a feel for the vintage and report on his favorite wines.

2013 Bordeaux Report

Published - 41 pages

This spring, JJ Buckley took its customary trip across the Atlantic to attend the annual en primeur tastings in Bordeaux. With the many difficulties thrown to winemakers because of the poor weather conditions in 2013, tasting the latest wines was even more important this year. What we found were more success stories than we expected and many story lines that make for interesting reading. Our annual report includes JJ Buckley’s top 15 picks for the vintage, over 200 tasting notes and articles that p give guidance and context to the vintage. Published June 2014.

2011 Bordeaux Vintage Update

Published - 33 pages

Each January, the Union des Grand Crus de Bordeaux, the region's trade organization, conducts a nationwide tour promoting the most recent vintage. JJ Buckley is on the scene in Los Angeles to taste the newly released wines. This report has the staff's top ten selections, tasting notes for all the wines and articles on the current market, the quality of the vintage and more.


Published - 19 pages

Each year, JJ Buckley's Wine Specialists travel to Bordeaux to taste the most recent vintage during en primeur week. Visits to wineries and negociants, along with educational seminars on viticulture and winemaking provide us with a firsthand look at the new crop of wines, expanding our understanding of the vintage. This report preview presents our top 15 wines from the 2012 vintage, as well as regional favorites and informative article. Stay tuned for our more comprehensive report – complete with tasting notes – due out in July.

2010 Bordeaux Update: Return To Terroir

Published - 29 pages

JJ Buckley's initial 2010 Bordeaux report focused on the vintage tasted from barrel in April of 2010. Now in bottle, this update showcases tasting notes of some of the finished '10s presented at the Union des Grands Crus tasting in San Francisco in January of 2013. Also included are comments on the current market as well as vintage assessments. Published February 2013.

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