• JM 98
    • WA 95
    Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy, 98 points

    (94-98 points) Situated at the northern end (away from Mazoyères) on light soil with lots of stones. To compare with the Mazoyères: a similar fresh full purple. Tense dense deep fruit, the riper of the two, yes also with...

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    • JM 97
    • BH 96
    Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy, 97 points

    From the central part of Aux Charmes, this classic wine has a wonderful rich deep colour, more crimson than purple. The bouquet suggests an intensity of a deep dark cherry fruit, ripe, powerful, yet in hand. Some...

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    • JM 95
    • BH 93
    • W&S 91
    Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy, 95 points

    (92-95 points) Medium deep red purple. The fruit has the usual appeal of Charmes-Chambertin (though it is in fact from Mazoyères) but has kept its freshness and a certain stony feel, the latter being the Mazoyères effect...

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