2013 Reichstrat Von Buhl Riesling Auslese Pechstein 375ml

2013 Reichstrat Von Buhl Riesling Auslese Pechstein 375ml

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2013 Reichstrat Von Buhl Riesling Auslese Pechstein 375ml

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"...Buhl Rieslings are highly complex, terroir-driven, very mineral and fresh, tightly woven and will develop over many years." - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Here’s an age-worthy Riesling that’s sure to provide an explosive drinking experience for years to come.  Reichsrat von Buhl seriously overachieved given the conditions in 2013 and hit it out of the park with their Pechstein Auslese.  It’s no surprise considering "Reichsrat von Buhl is one of the hot spots in the Pfalz today," according to the Wine Advocate, and when you combine their expertise with one of the hallowed Grand Cru sites of the region, the results are “a very promising wine.”

Crafted by former Bollinger winemaker Mathieu Kauffmann, the Pechstein Auslese shows his keen eye to managing a challenging vintage, a lesson surely learned in Champagne. 2013 was a tough season for some, but for the long-distance runners who cut yields drastically and focused their best fruit it was“one of the most fascinating vintages of the past two decades” (Wine Advocate).

When re-tasting the 2013 vintage, the Wine Advocate singled Reichsrat von Buhl out for their Pechstein Riesling Auslese and its already evident upward trajectory.  A top-notch Riesling built to age, JJ Buckley is the only retailer currently carrying these exceptional half-bottles in the US. Save this one for a special occasion down the road, from now through 2030.  Cheers!