2014 Markus Molitor Riesling Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese**

2014 Markus Molitor Riesling Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese**

by JJ Buckley Fine Wines

2014 Markus Molitor Riesling  Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese**

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2014 proved that challenging vintages really separate the wheat from the chaff, and Markus Molitor set the bar for the entire region. His efforts paid off, and once again we can trust that this producer only makes the good stuff, particularly this virtually dry Auslese. The Wine Advocate called his 2014 portfolio “mind-blowing” in quality, and for the Auslese, “no better dry Rieslings have been produced in 2014.”

This highly-rated effort is a stunning example of why dry Riesling is one of the great pleasures in wine; “lovely, creamy and finesse-full textured, deliciously fresh and vital Riesling...certainly belongs to the finest Rieslings in the world” (WA95+).
German Riesling remains one of the great values in wine thanks to the decades of aging potential and extraordinary complexity they offer. The Zeltinger Sonnenuhr is one of the Mosel’s true grand cru vineyards, and as for Molitor, according to Vinous, “in the dry and off-dry categories, few can match his hand.” With this kind of praise at less than $50 a bottle, how can we say no?
For a 95+pt dry white wine that “can compete with great white Burgundies”(Wine Advocate) at a fraction of the price and yet age for far, far longer, Molitors dry Auslese from Zeltinger Sonnenuhr is the clear choice, and one of the world’s great values.  Cheers!